MOSCOW — The overall manager of the Bolshoi Theater supported on Monday that the company will probably exude a much-anticipated ballet depicting the life span of this dancing superstar Rudolf Nureyev, however, denied accusations that he had been bowing to express censorship due to the ballet’s homosexual topics and controversial manager.

The Bolshoi initially announced the postponement at a brief news release on Saturday, three days ahead of the planned premiere of “Nureyev,” sending shock waves throughout the European Olympic elite.

Vladimir G. Urin, overall manager of the Bolshoi, told a packed press conference here on Monday that the direction, after viewing a last dress rehearsal a week, believed the the choreography, by Yuri Possokhov, nevertheless had work. “We’re really sad by what we saw,” he explained.

Using a cast of over 100, such as opera listeners, a chorus, musicians and actors onstage in addition to the dancers, that the ballet requires an outstanding amount of coordination, ” Mr. Urin explained.

He explained the dancers chose effort to deliver the item together however he believed additional time was had by them and opted to offset the opening. “There’ll be reputational harm for canceling, however also for us the grade of the manufacturing was predominant,” he explained.

The year of the company is winding down, with lots of its campuses led to New York to get a run beginning July 20.

The comparison between the display’s topic and the present government focus on “family values” prompted instant accusations which Mr. Urin has been habituated to Kremlin pressure.

Among other topics, the series addresses Nureyev’s homosexuality in his art’s impact, in addition to his battle with AIDS, from. Russia passed a regulation 2013 banning anything which could be translated as “homosexual propaganda”

The overall distress in ethnic circles and also in news media reports was a ballet observing a homosexual man who’d fled the Soviet Union — there’s a line in the bit concerning Russia ejecting its gifted individuals — and introduced on the primary phase of the nation’s most prestigious theatre had been too much to the authorities to endure.

Additionally, it had been staged with Kirill S. Serebrennikov, believed possibly the most gifted, innovative theater manager in Russia, but one with a reputation for mocking societal conventions.

Mr. Serebrennikov was arrested for questioning in May over allegations of embezzling government funds. The theatre where he’s the director, also the Gogol Center along with his flat, were hunted in a case.

Mr. Serebrennikov failed to comment on the postponement of this ballet, deferring to the Bolshoi direction, however he told friends he believed the ballet was prepared.

He also made a wry speech speaking to it Sunday night following a creation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” (The embezzlement fees are partially based on offenses that cash to “Midsummer” was pocketed without a drama)

“Yesterday something astonishing happened: I came back out of a drama which won’t exist,” he explained, speaking to a rehearsal of this Nureyev ballet, “into a drama which didn’t exist”

Some folks, such as cast members compared to Bolshoi position to the 1935 episode when Joseph Stalin pushed the theatre to shut a brand new generation of a ballet by Dmitri Shostakovich known as “The Bright Stream”; it wasn’t restored until 2003.

The Nureyev ballet has been the next collaboration between Mr. Serebrennikov; Mr. Possokhov, an former Bolshoi celebrity who’s a choreographer in residence in the San Francisco Ballet; along with Ilya Demutsky, ” the composer. Their 2015 ballet, “A Hero of Our Time,” motivated by the traditional Russian novel by Mikhail Lermontov, was hailed by most critics as a significant step away from what some predicted the Bolshoi’s inflexible dedication to classicism.

“Nureyev” was anticipated to become more revolutionary, using a potentially global audience due to Nureyev’s celebrity. Nevertheless, controversy was motivated by the ballet Russia before it got anywhere close to the point.

A leaked video of a rehearsal where pairs of male supporters performed in heels triggered some outrage, together with a single nationalist site calling the conservative culture ministry, Vladimir R. Medinsky, to prohibit the ballet.

“The movie of this rehearsal of this operation clearly testifies to how this ‘invention’ is propaganda for sodomy, and it will be contrary to current Russian legislation,” the site commented. “People who haven’t lost their ideology are worried by the imminent disgrace.”

Media reports continued to indicate though there was speculation that it may require time to redesign alterations to ditch the references this is the main reason behind its cancellation.

The two Mr. Urin and also Mr. Medinsky refused consulting each other prior to the cancellation. “I don’t wish to turn into a political debate,” Mr. Urin explained.

He explained that the schedule for the next year supposed the premiere would not be able to be rescheduled before May 2018.

Simon A. Morrison, also a Princeton University music professor and author of a recent history of the Bolshoi Theater, had been in Moscow and watched movie fragments by one of the final rehearsals.

“It seemed hesitant, it had been shaky, but it wasn’t there,” he said, while noting that the fog about what could be a rare choice with any design company. “Should you do something contentious and it does not come off, and it will become a travesty.”

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