From the living area of this flat I share with my spouse, we’ve got a fine dark-wood situation for our stereo. Two box collections of performances in the Metropolitan Opera with James Levine conducting have occupied a prominent place in the lower shelf because they had been published from 2010 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Mr. Levine’s Met debut. Showing them was a real expression of my admiration for a towering American performer.

On Sunday, Mr. Levine was suspended from the Met after many guys accused him of sexually abusing them years back, if they were teens. Now, I am not certain I need to maintain those places so observable in my dwelling.

I believe heartache for those guys, who say that they had been taken advantage of with somebody they looked around, somebody prepared of intimidating ability. But how can Mr. Levine’s many lovers, and I personally as a politician, reconcile his heritage with what he has been convicted of? Is his job tainted beyond our capacity to enjoy the artistry involved?

Folks have asked me over time if I’d heard discuss Mr. Levine’s personal conduct. I had, however, only vague rumors. I understood that colleagues in The Times and other books had done some exploring over the last few years and turned out nothing tangible.

1 time, however, I drew up his private life together with him within an on-the-record market. Reading this 1998 interview now, almost 20 decades after, his remarks seem more showing than they did afterward.

At the moment, his appointment as music director of the Munich Philharmonic had lately been declared. Many German tabloids had lost innuendoes about his or her sexuality. Inside his own office, I requested Mr. Levine the way he had been managing this and if he felt energized by the town of Munich. Can he eventually tackle this conversation venture on, and start on his really guarded private life? (I had been expecting he would discuss being homosexual.)

“I have never been in a position to talk in public generalities in my personal life,” he explained. “Day by day, my entire world is full of real audio, real people, real connections,” indicating that the rumors weren’t just fake.

He refused to respond to all of the speculation regarding his lifetime. “Just how much do you need to offer?” He inquired, sounding almost plaintive. “How great to you must be?” How great, in other words, before you’re given a pass to keep your personal life private?

As we know, he must not have gotten this type of pass.

What do we do about the job he’s left? I attended Mr. Levine’s concert performance of Verdi’s Requiem in the Met on Saturday afternoon, a couple of hours before news concerning the accusations against him bankrupt. He appeared to me somewhat burdened and appeared somewhat tired. It is completely likely that Saturday’s lackluster performance is going to wind up becoming Mr. Levine’s final appearance with the business.

However, I have only listened to a few of those records out of the Levine commemorative box set, a 1980 performance of Berg’s “Wozzeck,” the amazing 20th-century masterpiece, together with José van Dam at the title character. Mr. Levine has been an undercover conductor of the music, pulling the spooky beauties of Berg’s Expressionist score along with showing the deep human truths and empathy that operate through this gloomy tragedy. I can not imagine not being transferred by it constantly.

And immersing myself at Berg’s narrative of an undercover, delusional soldier made by superior officers to perform humiliating activities for menial cover, a man forced to murder and also self-destruction with feelings of powerlessness, I could not help considering Mr. Levine’s accusers.

What exactly can I do with those commemorative collections? I will not give them off.

However, I’m likely to transfer them from my living space.

Courtesy: The New York Times

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