Roll over Fidel Castro and tell Karl Marx the news, there’s a new band called . The Toronto power-pop project is led by Don Kerr, a prominent drummer and producer on the local indie-music scene for years. The trio celebrates its debut album Get Down Get Together with a string of locals dates this month and next, including a show at Castro’s Lounge (2116 Queen St. E.) on Sept. 24. We asked Kerr about his current non-manifesto passions.

What he’s watching: My wife and I binged on the whole season of the Netflix drama Stranger Things in two nights. It is incredible: as creepy as the first season of True Detective, but with a gang of lovable, nerdy kids, and one child actor who is haunting and skilled beyond belief.

What he’s looking forward to: I am very excited about the at Creative Spirit Art Centre (999 Dovercourt Rd.) until Oct. 7. Erella’s life and work perfectly demonstrate the connection between disability and superpower.

What he’s reading: Wigford Rememberies by Kyp Harness is a novel about a small town, full of small, interconnected stories. It is somehow hilarious, subtle and epic all at once. It is masterful, which is surprising for a first novel, but he has been a brilliant, underappreciated songwriter for 25 years.

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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