The Canadian Opera Company’s general manager isn’t a standard Toronto arts CEO. Alexander Neef does not talk in managerese, that company and bureaucracy-speak that’s getting the vernacular of the North American executive courses. His degrees are from the humanities, not law or business. He takes public transit to work. In the era of international fly-by… Read More

“Livin’ on a Prayer” rockers Bon Jovi, British bands Dire Straits and the Moody Blues, the late Nina Simone and The Cars will be inducted into the Rock amp; Roll Hall of Fame, organizers said on Wednesday. The rock-heavy 2018 list marks a return to the origins of the U.S. Hall of Fame, which for… Read More

In Between the Acts, The Globe and Mail takes a look at how artists manage their time before and after a creative endeavour. Four months ago, after years of living on a farm in Burk’s Falls, Ont., the stylish singer-songwriter and side-hustle rock drummer Hawksley Workman uprooted with his wife to Montreal. In advance of… Read More

The expression “new music” is a confusing one: It does not mean all recent music, but instead something quite narrow and specific. When critics talk about “new music,” they’re speaking to this subset of the art music tradition that’s contemporary. We can not call it classical any more, since there’s nothing either classical or classic… Read More

The Sundown singer is set to turn the lights out at Massey Hall. Gordon Lightfoot, who’s played with the historical Toronto venue more than anybody, is going to be the last artist to do there before the construction is temporarily shuttered as part of an intense renovation that’s already under way. Lightfoot, 79, will give… Read More

Russell Simmons has resigned from his companies after another allegation of sexual misconduct, though the Def Jam founder denied being violent. “Rachel Getting Married” screenwriter Jenny Lumet — the daughter of filmmaker Sidney Lumet — wrote an essay published by The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday where she remembered a night around 1991 when Simmons took… Read More