It has been three years since Jeanne Lamon retired as music director of Toronto’s illustrious Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra. The new kahuna is Elisa Citterio, a hot-shot Italian violinist who makes her debut this week as the orchestra’s manager with A Joyous Welcome, a suitably titled program which not only opens Tafelmusik’s 2017-18 season, but ushers… Read More

Lido Pimienta, an immigrant without a record deal, no marketing group and no actual copies of her winning record La Papessa available for sale beat out a field of high-profile artists such as Leslie Feist for the $50,000 Polaris Prize. This was an extremely unlikely win on Monday for its Colombian-Canadian artist, who also conquered… Read More

Nardwuar the Human Serviette lives up to his title. Not that he is walking about wiping up spills or dabbing at the corners of anybody’s mouth, but because his made-up punk-rock name implies, he’s not your normal music writer (or typical anything, innbsp;reality). Dressed to the nines for a meeting in clashing colors of plaid… Read More

The Polaris Music Prize is a peculiar beast. Since 2006, its approximately 200-person jury has bestowed a money reward upon a single singular Canadian record annually, deemed superlative without thought of genre, commercial popularity, critical success or numerous factors which may interfere with the query: “Out of all of these albums, which was the best?”… Read More

Vancouver Opera presents dramatic works onstage, but there’s been some drama offstage as the company shifts from a traditional season to festival version — and back again, kind of. Two decades back, as it struggled with the identical issue many opera businesses cope with — aging audiences and declining ticket sales — VO declared a… Read More

Grant Hart, the drummer and vocalist for pioneering indie rock band Husker Du, which was viewed as a significant influence for Nirvana, the Pixies and other bands, has died at age 56. Hart died Wednesday of cancer at his home in St. Paul, Minnesota, based on Ken Shipley, who conducts the group’s record label Numero… Read More

The name of this tuneful new album in the Cartoon pop-rockers The Wilderness of Manitoba is Round the Dark, a reference to the long, lonely stretches of roads which connect tour venues throughout the country. The band is the job of lead vocalist and songwriter Will Whitwham, who shared with The Globe and Mail the… Read More

Skip Prokop was among Canada’s first significant rock stars, a world-class drummer and gifted songwriter who uttered the groundbreaking jazz-rock band Lighthouse, which earned international acclaim in the 1970s. His death on Aug. 30, after a long struggle with cardiovascular disease, sparked an outpouring of tributes in the music world. He was 73. Mr. Prokop… Read More

The field of nominees for this year’s Polaris Music Prize includes heavyweights Gord Downie, Leslie Feist and Leonard Cohen, but a dark horse looms on the fringes. She is Lido Pimienta, a Colombian-born, Toronto-based musician whose striking 2016 record La Papessa translates to “High Priestess.” To fortune tellers, the high-priestess card in a tarot deck… Read More

It was through pure serendipity that Ed Robertson wrote the Barenaked Ladies’s largest tune. After improvising a song about the world’s origins at a Los Angeles concert last decade, he discovered a few big-shot TV manufacturers were there. Their titles were Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and they had been dreaming up a series about… Read More