Rapper Eminem derided U.S. President Donald Trump as a racist and a reckless leader in a rap video that aired on Tuesday night through the Black Entertainment Television Hip Hop Awards. Eminem told his fans from the four-minute unaccompanied vocal they need to decide whether to support him or the president. “Racism is the only… Read More

If we have learned anything from after the career of William James Murray, it’s that he shouldn’t be underestimated. Gaining fame from his stint on Saturday Night Live, followed by roles in comedy classics Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, Murray turned heads with dramatic performances in such movies as 2003’s Lost in Translation. Now, he has… Read More

‘The people who come here, they get it,” says Peter Simon, president of the Royal Conservatory of Music. “It’s a really specialnbsp;place{}” Simon is talking of the Glenn Gould School, the conservatory’s acclaimed center for training in musical performance that’s celebrating its 20th anniversary. After launching the faculty in 1997, Simon spearheaded the construction of… Read More

Tom Petty, the 66-year-old rock icon who passed away this week, created some of the finest road tunes ever recorded. Petty, who sold more than 80 million albums, not only wrote music that was great to drive to, he frequently wrote about driving itself in songs like Turn This Car Around and Runnin’ Down a… Read More

Only weeks after performing its short-listed self-titled debut album in this year’s Polaris Music Prize gala, the high-octane Toronto art-rock team Weaves is back with a strong followup, Wide Open. Singer-lyricist Jasmyn Burke talked to The Globe and Mail about the strain of sophomore-album expectations. In addition to your debut album was obtained, I got… Read More

From the mid-seventies, Bruce Springsteen burst onto the airwaves audaciously, sprung from a cage at a suicide machine out on Highway 9. Tom Petty was different. All sly grin and sleepy Southern drawl, the heavy-lidded Floridian slid into our lives with superior nonchalance. “It is all right if you like me,” he sang on 1977’s… Read More

For many hours Monday, music fans believed Tom Petty was dead. Courtney Love, Talib Kweli, Kid Rock, Cyndi Lauper, Paul Stanley and Lin-Manuel Miranda were among dozens of lovers posting remembrances on Twitter, where Petty was the top global trending subject Monday afternoon. A memorial was scheduled for his star on the Hollywood Walk of… Read More

Will the “wardrobe malfunction” seen ‘around the world soon be but a distant memory? According to numerous sources, Justin Timberlake is the frontrunner to do at next year’s Super Bowl halftime show. It’s tough to think that this February will mark 14 years because Timberlake’s baring of Janet Jackson’s right breast during halftime of Super… Read More

‘I do not think of everything I do as a profession,” Bruce Cockburn says. “However, the term has come up at points over thenbsp;years.” This weekend is one of these points — if the singer-songwriter and virtuoso guitarist is inducted (along with Stéphane Venne, Neil Young and Beau Dommage) to the Canadian Songwriters Hall of… Read More