The 27-year-old arrived at the Staple’s Center and was ready to perform However she did not walk the red carpet Was due to sing Kiss It Better, and had even performed it twice during rehearsals  Doctor on site warned against pushing ahead with live performance, TMZ reported  She left after rehearsals, and must now rest… Read More

By Heidi Parker For The chill could be felt between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry after the former country star’s hit single Bad Blood was released in 2014. The ditty about a back-stabbing friend seemed to be about the Roar hit maker. Remarks on Twitter only intensified the drama. But on Thursday the I… Read More

By Reporter Disney star Tiffany Thornton’s husband Chris Carney and his friend Ezekiel Blanton were intoxicated when they were killed in a solo car crash last December . According to the coroner’s results, obtained by TMZ on Saturday, Ezekiel – who was driving – was nearly three times over the permitted alcohol limit when their… Read More

By Kate Thomas for MailOnline Fans are eagerly awaiting Ben Affleck’s grand debut as the caped crusader in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And the 43-year-old actor has been given a brand new, high-tech Batcave to play with in the upcoming superhero movie, a far cry from the dark and dreary lair featured in… Read More