Title Brill Bruisers Artist The New Pornographers Label Matador/Last Gang Rating 2.5/4 Word on the street was that the New Pornographers’s leader A.C. Newman had gone through a rough stretch, but made it out okay and was looking to make a “celebration record.” Brill Building Bruisers, the indie collective’s first LP in four years, is… Read More

Title Neverlove Artist Buck 65 Label Warner Genre Alternative Rating 2.5/4 Year 2014 His wife left behind her wedding ring, placing it right beside a note reminding him to feed the cat. Buck 65’s new album Neverlove is a divorce record, starting off with a track called Gates of Hell that features the blue-eyed hip-hopper’s… Read More

The Scottish singer-guitarist Midge Ure is remembered for a band (the new-wave group Ultravox from the 1980s) a song (1984’s charity single Do They Know It’s Christmas) and the blockbuster benefit concerts he co-organized with Bob Geldof. This week, however, he revisits a smaller part of his career when he performs the Celtic-tinged solo album… Read More

Twenty-eight years ago, while Drake was still in diapers, Michelle “Michie Mee” McCullock became the first ever Canadian MC to sign with an American label. With a hybrid sound that blended contemporary rap with classic Jamaican dancehall, the Kingston-born, Toronto-bred mega-talent soon earned her title as the Queen of Canadian Hip Hop, scoring multiple awards… Read More