The singer known as Lord Tanamo shared with audiences around the world the buoyant sounds of ska music born in the shantytowns of his native Jamaica. As a vocalist with the Skatalites, Lord Tanamo gave voice to a music that would thrust his island homeland to the forefront of popular culture. Although the band’s original… Read More

A Minnesota doctor saw Prince twice in the month before his death — including the day before he died — and prescribed him medication, according to contents of a search warrant that were revealed Tuesday as authorities returned to the musician’s suburban Minneapolis estate as part of their investigation into what killed him. Search warrant… Read More

Abida Parveen, the great Sufi singer, maybe the greatest of her generation, is talking to me from Islamabad. Well, actually, she’s talking to Umair Jaffar, performing arts manager for Toronto’s Aga Khan Museum. The Museum is co-sponsoring a rare Parveen concert this Sunday along with the concert’s venue, Roy Thomson Hall. Through Jaffar, I’ve asked… Read More

Ukraine’s Jamala struck a surprise gold in the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday with a song “1944” about war-time deportations of Crimean Tatars by the Soviet Union in one of the most controversial winners in the competition’s history. In a show known down the years for its playfulness and camp, 32-year-old Jamala struck a somber… Read More