By Kelby Vera At Kanye West‘s relationship with President Donald Trump is puzzling to many. But on Friday, mother-in-law Kris Jenner did her best to explain during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres where she was asked if the Famous rapper was ‘friends’ with the 45th President. ‘I don’t think so,’ laughed the 61-year-old mom… Read More

Everything is aglitter at the Great Hall in Toronto, where a years-in-the-making overnight sensation stands with eyes closed and hands on hips. Sapphire-blue lights pretty up a small, smoky stage and a few oversized stars dangle from the microphone stands, but it’s Valerie June in a sparkly, shiny jumpsuit that is in focus – smile… Read More

NASHVILLE — Alison Krauss could let the fact that she was answering the door of her home here at 8 a.m. with her hair styled and makeup done imply that she’d risen early and knocked out her beauty regimen. But as this celebrated singer and fiddle-playing bandleader — the closest thing to a pop star… Read More