By Heidi Parker For Angelina Jolie wants back on the A list it seems. On Wednesday The Hollywood Reporter claimed the 41-year-old actress is looking into several projects, including a sexy WWII spy movie and a Catherine The Great saga. The star last appeared on screen in 2015’s By The Sea. This comes as… Read More

Audacious and entrepreneurial, Ritchie Yorke was the rock star of rock critics. No Roman conqueror ever strode through a crowd with as much majesty as Mr. Yorke did at press receptions in the late sixties and seventies, wrote one of his peers, of whom there were few. Mr. Yorke may have been a jet-setting Aussie… Read More

If you were disappointed that Bill Maher brought Milo Yiannopoulos onto his HBO show “Real Time” last week, Mr. Maher is not especially bothered. In a telephone interview on Tuesday night, Mr. Maher batted back criticism of the booking by arguing that the appearance of Mr. Yiannopoulos actually helped expose the incendiary right-wing personality’s views… Read More