The second season of the popular Netflix show, starring Claire Foy and Matt Smith, is set for release on December 8 A dramatic new trailer and preview stills show the royal couple excitedly awaiting the arrival of Prince Edward However they also face strain in their marriage and a crumbling empire – stemming from against… Read More

By Shyam Dodge For Kesha says she nearly killed herself trying to meet the impossible demands of the image-driven music industry. The 30-year-old reflected on her road to success in a letter addressed to her 18-year-old self in a segment on CBS This Morning on Thursday. The Tik Tok singer read outloud, ‘you nearly… Read More

Where could heist films be without the significant Score — which payoff so irresistible that it could tempt the many amusing desperado out of concealing? It is the sort of temptation which pushes him as a filmmaker, and propels a lot of the films of Steven Soderbergh. His most recent feature, “Logan Lucky,” is more… Read More