By Brittany Valadez For Television and media has a profound effect – either positively or negatively – on popular culture.  And on Tuesday, Peter Dinklage, through PETA, released a statement discouraging fans from purchasing huskies. Because of the amount of responsibility the breed requires, dog abandonment has reportedly increased tremendously for them. ‘Always adopt… Read More

In mid July it was reported that she was pregnant with her first child Then a week later Oprah Winfrey announced the star was five months along On Tuesday a clip from her Sunday Today show interview was shared Mindy finally confirms she’s pregnant with her first child  The actress, however, does does not name… Read More

In a at 2013, Colorado radio host David Mueller did what many another promoter DJ or recording exec has done before him the gift was groped by him. The miscalculation of Mueller was that his goal in this case wasn’t some aspiring singer who could not afford to challenge. No, the gift was among the… Read More

LONDON — If the news that you awaken to every morning gets the menace of a Rottweiler’s growl — using unending tales of civil strife and Allied atomic cataclysm — it’s clear if you are feeling the temptation to escape. Or regress, to go back moment– or even — to be precise — a much… Read More