The voice is fluid and dark, with a lightness on top and a grittiness lower down which makes you believe that Charlotte Cardin has packed a lot of living into her 22 years. Her lyrics sound like that too, even though there’s also a sign of imagined experience, of a teenager thinking her way into… Read More

By Ross Mcdonagh For You can’t erase the past, but you can certainly draw over it. Beyonce has ‘edited’ the IV tattoo she got on her ring finger to match her husband Jay Z. The singer, 36, and her rapper husband, 47, both inked the Roman numeral for ‘four’ after they tied the knot… Read More

By Heidi Parker For Cher used to hit splashy red carpet events like the Academy Awards in so of the most provocative costumes imaginable. And the 71-year-old told People this week that even though she can no longer fit into them – she weights 20lbs more now than she did in the 1970s –… Read More

LOS ANGELES — I suppose there is a God. Throughout one of the funniest passages in American domestic politics in living memory, we are becoming a massive, historically corrective, morale-raising cultural occasion, one which lasts four weeks and strikes on a lot of the significant societal issues of the afternoon: racism, sexism, competitive nationalism. Authentic,… Read More