By Reporter She’s always had an incredibly sweet tooth. So after attending pal Serena William’s fabulous New Orleans wedding on Thursday, there was only one destination for Kim Kardashian – the world famous Cafe Du Monde. Kim led the way as her girl squad piled into a limo and headed to the store which is… Read More

By Christine Rendon For She’s expecting her third child via surrogate. But the woman carrying Kim Kardashian‘s unborn child didn’t even know she was carrying the super star’s baby.  ‘She didn’t know at the beginning,’ Kim, 37, revealed during her appearance on the talk show The Real on Thursday.  Scroll down for video  Surprise! ‘She… Read More

Jackie Faherty hates when brown dwarfs — astronomical objects with legends outweighing those of planets — are also known as “failed star” “Are we so presumptuous you are interested in being a celebrity?” She asked through a live taping of their podcast “You Are the Expert” in the brand new performance area Caveat on Manhattan’s… Read More